Time Management


Have a Plan

It is a good idea to have a plan. At the beginning of the current day or the end of the day, plan for the upcoming day. I know I may be tired, but it might help.

Also, break up larger, insurmountable tasks into smaller ones. Take the time to plan out work and how to go about it. I tend to start coding waaaay too fast. This is a bad habit I picked up from Univserity.


Now that I have a plan, I can prioritize the tasks from Hardest to Easiest. It’s better to do the harder ones in the moring since you are fresh.

Divide and Conquer, and Perhaps Delegate

It makes sense to divide larger tasks. It allows tasks to be completed and have a sense of accomplishment.

And, don’t be afraid to delegate to others.

Plan Disruptive Periods

Or, the opposite, plan your free time and allow people to bother you only during that time.

Multitasking is Evil

I tried it, I failed miserably. I am terrible at multitasking. It blew up in my face. I need to focus on my task and that is it.

Be Disciplined

Practive what I preach.